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Benatar & Giraldo Rock St. Charles

Glancer Magazine rocked with Neil “Spyder” Giraldo and Pat Benatar as they performed in front of a sold out crowd at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois. Proving that you only get better with age, Giraldo captured it perfectly by saying, “I really believe that my best work is in the future; I’m excited everyday about what might happen next.”

As the couple performed on stage, it was clear their passion – both musically and within the couple’s 33 year marriage - is still very much alive. Even from the very beginning, Giraldo knew if he could find a great singer, “the musical landscape would be endless”, inspiring the creative approach to writing, producing, arranging, and recording more than 100 songs certifying Benatar’s signature sound.

On the road again for their 35th Anniversary Tour, Benatar's mezzo-soprano vocal range and Giraldo's trail-blazing work as a guitarist, continues to forge one of the most successful partnerships in rock history. Since their initial collaboration, they have sold more than 26 million albums and charted 19 Top 40 singles, earning four consecutive Grammy Awards and three American Music Awards, all the while staying clear of a life of drugs and alcohol so predominant in this industry.

“We both grew up in working class families; very normal childhoods,” Benatar shares. “We were both very focused on music and success; when you’re that busy, working intensely toward a goal, there isn’t much time for screwing up.” They are committed, like-minded, and truly adore each other. “We’ve tried very hard to always put our family first - it made all the difference,” Benatar adds. The key to their success in such a volatile industry is “clean livin’ and the love of a good man!”

With a never ending bucket list of dreams still to accomplish, Benatar hopes to one day perform on Broadway, sing aria professionally, finish a novel, and perfect fried chicken. Giraldo will be performing in a new band project with Scott Kempner from the Del Lords/Dictators; is opening his vault of unreleased, unfinished songs and will complete and release new tracks with Benatar and other artists; in addition, he is expanding his Bel Chiasso entertainment company. Benatar sums it up best, “What inspires us today is the same things that inspired us in the very beginning - the connection with the audience; the conversation that occurs through the lyrics of a song; and the seduction of performing itself.” Fans may purchase their Commemorative 35th Anniversary Tour CD/DVD set on iTunes & Amazon.

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