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CELEBRITY | Todd Bridges, Stand-Up Headliner at Comedy Shrine

What’Chu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis.....

The crowd was buzzing at The Comedy Shrine in Aurora – everyone - quite literally everyone - thinking and saying the exact same thing; so, on the count of three, Todd Bridges, AKA Willis Jackson of the 1978 television series, Diff’rent Strokes, opened his comedic performance by allowing the crowd to get it off their chest, “What’Chu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis”.

Bridges, who has been in nearly 100 films and television shows - has worked as an actor, producer, director, comedian, and author, still has fond memories of working on the set of Diff’rent Strokes, and shares many amusing stories during his comedic performance, now 15 years in the making. Much of his material is based on his personal life…….married life, prison life, single life, and most entertaining of course, living with teenage kids. Bridges is funny, poignant, and real. As a celebrity, he’s learned to appreciate the comforts of hanging out at home, and most enjoys the quietude of playing video games with “The Clan” in the “World of Tanks”.

Now in the Hollywood business for over 45 years, Bridges can reflect on his proudest professional moments, which includes his performance in the 1977 mini-series, Roots. “It was such a landmark show and the biggest mini-series in the history of television,” he says. “77 million people watched it and I was the only kid in the whole thing with dialogue.”

Fast forward to 2015, Bridges is still doing what he loves most – performing - and is beginning his next adventure in Las Vegas on February 15th as host to the brand new live stage game show, “Lovers or Losers”, where loving couples visiting Vegas are invited to use their skills, smarts and love on the battlefield as contestants to win prizes. To celebrate the launch of the new show, they are offering a Free Vegas Getaway for couples who call 855-30-WE-CAN.

From the west suburbs of Chicago to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, Bridges is loving life and gives it all to the man upstairs.

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