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LOCAL EXPERT Student Development, Training Cognitive Skills


by Mia Tischer, Executive Director/Owner of LearningRx

Q. If many learning difficulties can be overcome by training cognitive skills, why isn’t it done in school?

A. Building cognitive skills is not an academic subject, such as biology or algebra. You cannot lecture about how to have better auditory processing (the key skill required for good reading) and have it improve. It must be trained and practiced in order to develop. This is similar to practicing to learn to play the piano or hit a golf ball. If practiced, it improves. Because this requires one-on-one training and is not academic, it is not easily adaptable to the classroom. With specialized attention and training, weak skills can be identified and trained to become strong, allowing faster, easier learning.

My daughter does poorly on tests even though she studies very hard. Why does this happen? One of the most important underlying skills responsible for this is long-term memory. Children who struggle with this will have trouble remembering information for tests, math facts, sight words, and procedures for how to do things. They may not remember assignments, to bring home things they need for homework, or to turn in completed assignments. This is a skill that we can measure to determine how strong it is and it can be trained to make it stronger.

ask an expert Mia Tischer is the executive director/owner of LearningRx Naperville. LearningRx-Naperville brain training center provides cognitive skills training that empowers anyone of any age to learn faster and easier. Tutoring and other programs reinforce "WHAT" students must learn (information). LearningRx-Naperville brain training center identifies and strengthens the skills behind "HOW" students learn. Please call (630) 470-9631 or visit

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