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LITERARY LOCALS | Pamela Hunter of Naperville; Nancy Hill of Glen Ellyn; Anne M. Anderson of Napervi

by Tiffany Schultz

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Pamela Hunter, Naperville

This is a personal account of her own journey to discover her real purpose in this world. She's always been a woman with many dreams so she found it difficult to focus on just one. Finally, when taking a good look at the way she was living her life, her contributions, weaknesses, and desires, and writing them on what is called a Radical Gratitude Chart, she was able to determine the real her, her real desires, and the way of going about making it a reality while remaining her authentic self.

Once it became apparent her method worked, she wanted to share it with the world. First, she began speaking on the Six Master Steps to Get Moving and was pleased the audience responded so enthusiastically that they wanted something more concrete for reference, a guide. She then realized the Six Master Steps needed to be put in written format and made available for others, like herself, who aren't quite sure of their direction and may suffer from various obstacles to keep them from being productive in their chosen endeavors.

The book is written in a simple format making it easy to read, contains her own amusing anecdotes, periodic references to helpful family members, occasional bouts of malaise, and a triumphant outcome that can be realized by everyone but first, it is essential to

Get Moving!


Nancy Hill, Glen Ellyn

Author Nancy Hill wondered, “What does it mean to have voice?” While she researched and read, mostly she just listened to what she calls her “inner whisper.”

Citing the metaphor that life just naturally “unfolds” around us, Hill wrote Unfolding, which focuses on 1) slowing down in order to hear what our souls beckon, 2) dropping in to connect with that part of ourselves that is complex and intuitive and 3) daring to be more of our true selves - celebrating the unique nature of who we truly are.

Unfolding is a compilation of Hill’s experiences, poignant and funny, as well as her beautiful writing style, and will make you realize that life’s beauty is constantly unfolding right before our eyes.

Nancy Hill grew up in Elmhurst and married her high school sweetheart and for the past 21 years, has called Glen Ellyn home. She is a seasoned traveler and a sought-after speaker and retreat planner. Available at Anderson’s Bookshop in Downers Grove, and


Anne M. Anderson, Naperville

Although Anne Anderson’s childhood, complete with private schools and dinners at the country club, was charmed, it left her more than a little unprepared for the bumpy road of a career as a public school teacher.

Faced with rebellious students, wacky parents, and an irritable-at-best department chair, Anderson overcame the odds and managed to keep a sense of humor along the way. Secrets from the Teachers Lounge gives us all a behind-the-scenes look at teaching – the good, the bad, and the ugly (think middle school gymnasium full of pre-teens with no air conditioning). A testament to her commitment: she went on to teach for 30+ years and even inspired her own daughter to become a public school teacher.

In addition to being a wife and mother of four, Anderson spent 35 years as a physical education teacher and coach (she was also a member of the Chicago Bears cheerleading squad for a time, as well). 10% of all proceeds will go to support causes that help children living in poverty. Available at www.anne, and

-Tiffany Schultz

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