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LITERARY LOCALS | Meet these 9 Local Area Authors

by Tiffany Schultz

Support These Local Authors

‘Tis the Season to Support these Local Authors.

Their Books Will Make Great Gifts for the Readers On Your List....

Grand Crossing

Jack McGuire, Wheaton

The story is set in Chicago’s Grand Crossing neighborhood, during the Great Depression, and weaves itself around author Jack McGuire’s childhood. The proverbial middle child in a large Irish-American family, complete with a hot-headed cop father and a quiet, sweet-natured mother, McGuire struggled to find his way in a boisterous and chaotic household.

Coming of age, expectations, and the father/son dynamic are central themes in this autobiographical tale, but along the way there are many adventures, and a colorful cast of characters is introduced. Grand Crossing is the perfect gift for Dad or Grandpa this holiday season or for anyone who grew up on the south side.

Jack McGuire is an award-winning writer and as a press agent covered many Rush Street nightclubs and entertainers including Elvis Presley, Jonathan Winters, and Johnny Mathis. He has visited more than 80 countries and is a graduate of Northwestern University. Available at, where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, and check for local bookstores.

Swiss Life: 30 Things I Wish I’d Known

Chantal Panozzo, LaGrange

Doesn’t moving to Switzerland, eating chocolate, climbing mountains, and ordering cheese in four different languages sound exotic…and fun?

Well, in 2006, author Chantal Panozzo found out that the fantasy she pictured for herself, when moving abroad, was pretty far removed from the reality. With an impending identity crisis – not to mention upheaval in the form of landing and then losing several jobs, navigating the landscape of different languages, and becoming a mother for the first time (a chapter appropriately titled “About Mutterhood”), Panozzo quickly discovers just what she is made of.

This is a great read for the dreamers in your life, or those who have even the slightest touch of wanderlust, on your Christmas list this year.

Chantal Panozzo recently returned to the Chicago area after spending a decade in Europe. She has written for publications including CNN Travel, The Christian Science Monitor, and Swiss News, and is at work on her next book. Available at,, and check for local bookstores.

Bucket List Living for Moms: Become a More Adventurous Parent

Lara Krupicka, Naperville

Your identity is an easy thing to lose when you become someone’s mother. “Wife,” “chauffeur,” “chef,” “coach,” and “domestic engineer” quickly become badges of honor, and ones we moms wear proudly!

However, as author Lara Krupicka reminds us, there is more to life than laundry, packing lunches, and scheduling play dates. That’s why we here at Glancer say, “thank goodness” for this book’s playful format and thought-provoking questions, which invite every woman to think outside the motherhood box and delve into thoughts, ideas, and plans they haven’t thought about for years.

Perfect gift-giving this holiday season for moms’ groups, sisters, and best friends!

Lara Krupicka lives in Naperville with her husband and three girls and is a writer, speaker, and dreamer. As a parenting journalist, Krupicka encourages parents to create lives that are full of family, adventure, and bucket list living. Available at,, and check for local bookstores.

Journal of a Cavalry Bugler

Georgiann Baldino, Naperville

Nineteen-year-old Charlie Dickey joins the Union army after the fall of Fort Sumter – it’s 1861 and as a member of the 4th Illinois Cavalry, serving as a bugler, Dickey becomes a member of General Grant’s escort.

In this interesting work of fiction (based on the autobiography and Dickey’s correspondence) the reader becomes privy to the state of the U.S. in the years leading up to the Civil War as well as other interesting events, including the assassination of President Lincoln.

Journal of a Cavalry Bugler has been described as “strong, sturdy, yet romantic writing” as well as “entertaining and riveting” and would make the perfect stocking-stuffer for the history buff in the family.

Georgiann Baldino owns a copywriting and publishing business and has published a variety of works in genres including suspense, historical fiction, and travelogues. She enjoys volunteering and serving on the board of directors for the Naperville Woman’s Club. Available at, www.barnesand, and check for local bookstores.

When the Game Stands Tall

Neil Hayes, Naperville

De La Salle High School in Concord, California, has long been recognized for its outstanding football program; most notably their 13-year, 151-game winning streak, under the direction of Coach Bob Ladouceur. Author Neil Hayes had unrestricted access to the team during part of those winning years and gives readers insider access to the games, players, and coaches.

The story opens in 2002, which proved to be a difficult season for the Spartans. Readers will be fascinated by the way the team pulls together during adversity, under a coach who believed that coaching was just as much about life as it was about the game. This story has been turned into a major motion picture and is a must-read for sports enthusiasts and coaches.

Napervillian Neil Hayes lives with his wife and two children and has served as a sports writer for the Chicago Sun Times and the Contra Costa Times as well as co-authored the book The Last Putt: Two Teams, One Dream and a Freshman Named Tiger. Available at,, and check for local bookstores.

Creatively Christmas

Jennifer Rizzo, Lisle

If you’re looking for a creative outlet for your Christmastime craftiness, look no further! This yuletide guide was written and designed by lifestyle blogger and all- around crafty girl, Jennifer Rizzo.

Sparkly doily banners, snowball jingle bells, and burlap gift bags are just some of the 35 hands-on projects featured in this holiday how-to, which will take your home to new levels of merry and bright. Readers will also find a pictorial tour of Illinois homes decorated for the holiday season, as well as some simple but inspiring decorating tips for your most festive holiday home.

THE perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer for your bff. And oh heck, buy one for yourself while you’re at it!

Jennifer Rizzo is the owner of Jennifer Rizzo Design Company and has produced projects for Country Living magazine, Romantic Homes magazine, and She also teaches in-person and on-line classes. To contact her or view her shop, go to Available at Room 363 in downtown Naperville,, and

Pulse: The New Science of Harnessing Internet Buzz to Track Threats and Opportunities

Doug Hubbard, Glen Ellyn

Current business owners, business executives and those looking to start their own business will discover how the Internet is an important tool for measuring and forecasting trends in today’s global economy. Written by a leading expert in business analytics and performance management, the Pulse puts this emerging science, one that has typically been an expensive and time consuming allocation, into perspective and explains how the digital footprints of two billion Internet users can be used to change decision making for your business.

“The Internet contains the largest repository of human knowledge, interests and activities ever constructed,” says author Doug Hubbard. “Yet this powerful tool is still vastly underutilized.”

Doug Hubbard is the author of three books that have sold over 100,000 and is the founder and President of Hubbard Decision Research. He is a sought-after speaker and has over 25 years of consulting and financial analysis experience, spanning many industries. Available at, and


Beth Navarro and Betsy Hamilton, Downers Grove and Plainfield

“One Christmas my budget was thin, so I wrote children’s stories for family members as gifts,” says author, Beth Navarro. “I wrote Grambo for my grandma Jean, it was her nickname.”

Like any curious 7-year old, Ryan goes snooping through grandma’s suitcase in hopes of finding a souvenir from her recent trip to Texas. Interestingly enough, it’s not a t-shirt or cowboy hat Ryan stumbles upon, but instead a GPS device. Deciding to stow away on her next trip, Ryan quickly realizes that although grandma has white hair, wears sensible shoes and bakes out-of-this-world cookies, she is anything but ordinary; she is in fact a secret agent (codename: Grambo) and she can do anything!

Author, Beth Navarro is a Downers Grove native who now lives in Sierra Madre, California. Her parenting adventures have been featured in many magazines and she is currently working on a young adult novel. Illustrator, Betsy Hamilton lives and works in the western suburbs and in her free time loves to paint. Available at The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn and at

The Founders and Early History of Geneva, Kane County, Illinois

Volume I – Beginnings to 1837

Adam D. Gibbons, Geneva

“Discover the stories of each of the men and women who founded this place, from housewives to holy men, from Harvard grads to horse thieves,” says author, Adam Gibbons, who took several years to research and write this book, that is the first extensive history of Geneva published, in more than 30 years.

This interesting account offers readers a unique glimpse of the families who founded Geneva and the challenges they encountered upon settling here and is also richly illustrated, annotated and indexed. The book also includes information on nearby communities and families including Batavia, St. Charles, Aurora, Warrenville and Elgin.

Adam Gibbons is a native of Buffalo, New York, who relocated to his “adoptive home town” of Geneva in 2006. Gibbons obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in history from Northwestern University, and a Master’s from Wake Forest University and is a social studies teacher and a genealogy-buff. Available at the Geneva History Museum at 113 S. Third St., Geneva.