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LITERARY LOCALS | Michael Nader of Clarendon Hills; Michael Larson of St. Charles; Dan Verdun of Nap

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This month we feature local authors from Clarendon Hills, St. Charles and Naperville. From humorous parenting and beer galore, to EIU Football and more, these literary locals will captivate you.

Hair, Girth and Rude Awakenings

Michael Nader, Clarendon Hills

“’Smell my armpits, Dad.’ I was sitting quietly on the couch watching TV on a lazy Saturday evening when my oldest came running down the stairs with enthusiasm generally reserved for birthdays.”

If this one quote makes you giggle…and relate, you will love this book!

This funny account of one man’s journey documenting the perils and pride of parenthood and all of its glorious chaos, was written as a series of essays (“Scent of a 12-year Old,” “Waiting for My Real Life,” and “Almost Men in Tights” to name a few) and will resonate with any parent who has experienced the highs and lows of parenting, from toddler through teenage years.

Michael Nader is a freelance writer and software consultant who was born in Fort Knox, Tennessee. He has dabbled in teaching and sales and has previously co-authored two books on technology solutions. Nader lives in Clarendon Hills with his wife, two sons, and two beagles. Available at and

Beer: What to Drink Next

Michael Larson, St. Charles

This periodic table of beer styles - giving the reader a virtual who’s who of brews from around the world - is what we like to call a Beer-o-Pedia!

Featuring ninety different types of beer, organized by country of origin and featuring such well-known styles as German lagers, British and Irish Ales, and American mainstays, the book will delight readers as they learn the history and some fun facts (and for beer-geeks, atomic structure) of their most beloved brews.

The goal: to lead readers down a path of exploration and discovery when it comes to their next cold one. Based on each reader’s most revered style, author Michael Larson suggests three alternate types of beer to try and even includes festive food pairings and recommended breweries.

Michael Larson is a beer reviewer and cofounder of, which since its inception has sampled and reviewed over 500 different craft beers. When he’s not reviewing beers or writing about them, he works in finance and real estate. Available at Townhouse Books in St. Charles,, and

EIU Football

Dan Verdun, Naperville

Sports enthusiast/journalist/historian Dan Verdun has written what former governor Jim Edgar calls “a remarkable book in bringing to life the unbelievable rise of EIU football to the national stage.”

With extensive research and personal interviews, Verdun was able to capture the stories of such notable EIU grads as Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, New Orleans head coach Sean Payton, ESPN radio host John Jurkovic, and many others.

The greatest moments in EIU Panther glory are recounted, with Verdun’s fresh insight; those who wear the blue and gray will love this book, but anyone who has an interest in football in general will be entertained.

Dan Verdun is a middle school teacher who earned his bachelor’s degrees in journalism and history at EIU and his master’s degree from Northern Illinois University. He is also the author of NIU Football. Both titles are available at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville as well as,, and

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