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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | Fox River Trolley Museum

October 2013 - TROLLEY TIMES

I love that my girls will go on any adventure with me, whether small or grand. I love experiencing new and different activities because we always walk away with a new memory. At only $2/kid and $4/adult, I just had to see what the Fox River Trolley was all about, so I packed a picnic lunch, a blanket and a volleyball and pointed the minivan toward South Elgin. As soon as we arrived, there was a bit of excitement in the air. Many electric railway cars lined the tracks and we were free to climb aboard and play while we eagerly awaited one of the authentic electric trolley cars to take us on our journey to the Jon J. Duerr Forest Preserve. If you have a train enthusiast in your family, they will love the hands-on experience climbing into the seats and trucking along the tracks. I personally loved the knowledge that we were about to ride one of the last passenger cars to operate on what is now the Museum’s portion of the Old Aurora, Elgin, and Fox River Electric Company trolley line. As the trolley dinged its way into the station, we boarded and began our 4-mile round trip journey. The Fox River made for a scenic ride as we made our way from Castlemuir Station to the Blackhawk Station. We also passed an impressive railroad inspired home with its own unique train depot. The trolley comes and goes throughout the day and you can choose to ride and stay for a bit at the preserve, or return straight back. We chose to ride to Blackhawk Station and get off to enjoy the picnicking facilities and play some volleyball. After watching some boaters on the river and enjoying a relaxing afternoon, we boarded the trolley back to Castlemuir. The trolley offered a unique twist to a traditional afternoon picnic but since my girls are always ready for the next adventure, we have plans to try one of their upcoming Special Events, including the Pumpkin Trolley. The “Ole Pumpkin Patch” will be ready for you to pick-up a pumpkin and enjoy a treat on October 12th, 13th, 19th, and 20th, but if you are seeking a more frightful adventure, make reservations for the Halloween Haunted Ghost Story Trolley (suitable for ages 3 to 11) or the late evening Terror Trolley (suitable for ages 11 and above) on October 19th and 26th. - Kristen Kucharski


Location: Fox River Trolley Museum, 365 S. LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177

Phone: 847-697-4676


Hours: Weekends, Some Holidays and Special Events

Prices: Adults $4, Seniors $3, Kids (Ages 3-11) $2, Special Events have Special Pricing

Description: Come ride at the Fox River Trolley Museum, a nostalgic trip back to an era when the electric trolley car was a vital part of American life. Experience education through demonstration the sights and sounds of this unique part of American history aboard a genuine old-time trolley car.

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