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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | Little Monkey Bizness

January 2010 - CLIMB AND EXPLORE

Cute, cute and cuter were the first words that came to mind when I walked into Little Monkey Bizness. This article is a Now and Later article as I will tell you about Little Monkey Bizness Now in Western Springs and lucky for us, is coming to Naperville in 2010. For now, from southwest Naperville, Western Springs is an easy 35 minute drive.

Their tagline is ‘Where Kids Monkey Around’ is perfectly fitting for this incredible play place designed for children ages 6 and under. Children over 7 are not permitted on the equipment.

Children and parents can both be entertained. There are built in carpeted benches in the play zone for the parents to enjoy coffee and socialize, while their children play. There is also a full service coffee house on the premise serving food and drinks. A bonus room to the main play place is the art room filled with paint, crayons, markers, smocks, and child size tables and chairs. A great clothesline hangs across the room to allow your creative artwork to dry while your child burns energy in the play area.

Your child can play in the bounce house, explore the maze tower, slide down the slides, swing on the swing, play in the tree, pretend in the imaginary house, and explore the many other slides, tunnels, and bridges, while discovering a whole world of play. The entire play zone is enclosed with a half wall and locking doors so the children are contained in the space and separated from the café area, art room, bathrooms, and exit.

The infant zone which is designed for children under age 2 is perfectly safe with padded hills, arches, mats and ride on toys. This area is enclosed to protect the little ones from their active preschool counterparts.

Little Monkey Bizness is located at 4700 Gilbert Ave, Ste 51, Western Springs, IL 60558. Phone is 708-246-9600. Website is Parents, Guardians, and Infants are always free. Admission for children over 1 and walking is $7.50. Crawlers under age 1 are $5. Look for coupons. Hours are Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-12pm, and Sun 9am-12pm. Coming soon to Naperville!

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