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15 FASCINATING FACES OF THE YEAR | Linda Cheatham of Wheaton

by Kristen Kucharski


Each year Glancer Magazine features a distinct group of residents who are doing extraordinary things, making a difference in the lives of others by giving them hope, guidance or inspiration. Each is so talented and has persevered through all that COVID-19 has presented this past year. Their stories will touch your heart and awaken your spirit. Here are Glancer Magazine's 15 Fascinating Faces of 2020.

Linda Cheatham

WHEATON–With the help of over 2600 volunteers, People’s Resource Center (PRC) has been bringing neighbors together to respond to hunger and poverty in DuPage County since 1975. So, in March when everything was shut down and people were encouraged to stay at home, Director of Operations Linda Cheatham with other PRC senior leaders needed to swiftly react and redesign how to continue delivering food and social services while also creating a safe space for employees and volunteers to continue working on site.

Managing and leading during a world-wide crisis is a huge challenge, especially when compiled with ensuring mental and emotional needs are being met both at home and work.

“We’ve Got This,” has been a motto Linda has carried from her family of six in Oak Park to the thousands working at PRC in Wheaton. Together, they have filled over 24,000 cars with food and managed 3,800 calls for financial and social services assistance this year.

Although it has been challenging to adapt to modified services while working at a distance, Linda feels proud that they are successfully still responding to basic human needs while promoting dignity and justice, and creating a future of hope for the community even in the midst of a pandemic.

Photos by Mike Catuara