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15 FASCINATING FACES OF THE YEAR | Diya Sudhagar of Naperville

by Kristen Kucharski


Each year Glancer Magazine features a distinct group of residents who are doing extraordinary things, making a difference in the lives of others by giving them hope, guidance or inspiration. Each is so talented and has persevered through all that COVID-19 has presented this past year. Their stories will touch your heart and awaken your spirit. Here are Glancer Magazine's 15 Fascinating Faces of 2020.

Diya Sudhagar

NAPERVILLE–At only 11 years old, 6th grader Diya Sudhagar used her time wisely during the global pandemic to start a blog, She likes to write about her observations, thoughts, or just about anything she is feeling.

Many of her topics are based on everyday life such as e-learning in middle school, favorite restaurants, book reviews, and cooking with her family. She has a passion for new planets and sea animals, as well as enjoys sharing the simple joys of apple picking and making slime.

Diya believes in "being happy with what you have while working toward what you want" and has used the time permitted through the pandemic lockdown to focus on the things she loves such as reading, writing, singing, sketching, and staying connected to her Indian culture through Hindustani Classical Music and Bharatanatyam (an Indian classical dance form).

Reading the blogs through the eyes of a middle schooler is a refreshing end to an unsettling year.

Photos by Mike Catuara


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