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15 FASCINATING FACES OF 2022 | Anthony Elkareh of Naperville


NAPERVILLE–Being brought up in a Lebanese household, Anthony’s dad always said, “Dream with your eyes open” in Arabic. He watched his dad come to America with empty pockets and a dream and succeeding. This inspired Anthony to take his passion for the arts and pursue fashion, modeling, acting, and singing while simultaneously obtaining a marketing degree at Loyola University.

“I’m using my education to learn to market myself,” he shares. “I exercise the tools I’ve acquired from school throughout the content I create, as well as modeling jobs.”

Sharing his feelings via songwriting prompted the release of his first single, “STAY” which has reached 12,000 streams on Spotify. Working as a waiter at a local pub funds his music production, including his second single, “Make Some Space”.

Tik Tok followers are inspired by his recognizable physical changes of losing 100 pounds with the added bonus of a total mental transformation and spiritual growth shared via his podcast “E&E With Anth”.

“I want kids to understand that happiness starts from within,” Anthony says. “Forming relationships with other people can be one of the greatest experiences in life; however, none of us can excel in that aspect until we have a harmonious relationship with ourselves.

-Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted

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