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10 TRENDS | Spring Home Enhancement Trends

#1 | Pops of Color

Hudson Design House, Oswego

Transform homes by adding dimension through texture, color, mixed metals/materials, layers, and depth by sourcing the perfect decor, accessories, furniture, and furnishings; and integrating all the hottest colors of 2021 - shades of blues, whites, greiges, blacks, charcoals while bringing in pops of color to provide interest and personality.

#2 | Peel & Stick Wallpaper

JC Licht Benjamin Moore, Hinsdale

One big development for 2021 is peel and stick wallpaper not only for walls, but also for ceilings that mimic expensive looks, such as tin tile or reclaimed wood, but at a fraction of the cost.

#3 | Beautiful Entry Doors

Opal Enterprises, Naperville

Your front door is the first impression visitors will get of your home. Custom doors to your specific tastes to show your personality through endless combinations of colors, patterns, hardware options, decorative glass, and more.

#4 | Frame TVs

Olmstead’s TV, Batavia

TV when it’s on. Art when its off. Bring the beauty of a distinguished art collection into your home with the Samsung Frame TV. The Frame is more than just a TV, it’s a canvas that reflects your style and what you love. With access to over 1,200 works of art, you can find the perfect piece that suits your mood and the occasion.

#5 | Abstract and Functional Art

Gallery 28, Geneva

Abstract and Functional Art suggests that furniture need not be simply functional, but that it can also make an artistic statement usually reserved for painting or sculpture, such as studio furniture. By combining color, form, pattern, and texture in ways that produce new and unique results in the form of function and surface décor where everyday objects provide visual excitement.

#6 | Indoor/Outdoor Connectivity

Timberbuilt Rooms, St. Charles

The modern sunroom brings the outdoors in by bringing the warmth of sunshine, the light of daylight, and the feeling of being in a natural setting without the inconveniences of bugs, rain, snow, wind, etc. A gorgeous climate controlled all-seasons room enhances indoor/outdoor connectivity.

#7 | Flexible and Functional Spaces

Murphy Bed Lifestyles, Darien

Turn any room in your home into a multi-purpose flex space with the addition of a wall bed and built-in cabinets. Style and functionality are all the rage for 2021 with e-learning and work from home environments that need to serve dual purposes as guest spaces.

#8 | Walk-In Pantries

HomeWerks, Naperville

Designers are seeing an increase in size and focus of the Walk-in Pantry as a second kitchen with cabinets and countertops to hold bulky countertop appliances. The experienced designers at HomeWerks specialize in understanding style and trends, which is imperative when creating a state-of-the-art kitchen with the latest appliances and overall functionality in design and layout.

#9 | Outdoor Living

Narnia Landscaping Design and

Construction Inc., Wheaton

These days, more and more homeowners are retrofitting their properties with outdoor kitchens, outdoor family rooms, fireplaces, and special lighting to take advantage of the modern comforts of indoors during the warmer months outside.

#10 | Eco-Friendly

Lovitt Blinds & Drapery, Downers Grove

Fortunately, by making smart choices, you can reduce your carbon footprint and ensure a healthier environment for you and your family by considering woven wood shades that are made from renewable materials, like bamboo, grasses, and jute, they can stand up to a variety of weather conditions and offer texture to a room which is on trend for 2021.