Features Writer / Monthly Columnist / Blogger 

Mindy lives in Naperville with her husband, three kids and her dog, Gatsby.  Most of her time is spent carting kids to their various activities and sports.  Her two oldest girls are into the theater, which is perfect as it puts her back into the theater world she came from.  She is a veteran of community theater and Chicago’s theater, film and commercial world, as well as a graduate of the Second City Improv School. 


An avid sports fan, Mindy enjoys spending weekends at various soccer and basketball games for her son, and football Sundays in her basement watching multiple games.  She loves writing for Glancer Magazine as it gives her the opportunity to talk to new people and hear their stories.



1. Mindy graduated from the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Advertising and then received her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at DePaul University.


2. She spent most of her free time as a teen and young adult in St. John, Virgin Islands, where her grandparents lived.


3. Her favorite author is Stephen King


4. She has finished 4 Olympic distance Chicago Triathlons, a Chicago Marathon, and multiple other tri races, half-marathons, and runs.


5. She is not a fan of movie popcorn or fried chicken.

Mindy is pictured on a ride around town and also at her home in Naperville