Event Photographer
Mike is an autistic man; therefore a strong advocate for a more independent and productive lifestyle.  He is also a multi-talented individual in the visual arts, loves photography, and enjoys graphic design.  

“And thanks to Lindy Kleivo, I now make myself heard in doing what I love doing and making a career out of it while enjoying being part of the cosmopolitan lifestyle and social events in Chicago’s western suburbs.” 

Mike is primarily the "Scene Around Suburbia" photographer for Glancer Magazine and responsible for covering the social happenings of the western suburbs, such as the Black Hat Bash, 50 Shades of Red, Pink Hats & Heels, Green Harvest at Tokyo Bay, and many other COLOR-ful spectacles.   He looks forward to glancing you and your friends at the next big event.5 FUN FACTS


1. Mike was born in Chicago, Illinois, raised in Darien, and has lived in Downers Grove since 1987.


2. He was diagnosed with autism at age 3.

3. Mike earned his degree in arts and sciences at Illinois State University in 1990.

4. He has been interested in photography since he was 16 years old.

5. Mike likes the nightlife, travel, and being with friends on the job.

Mike is pictured with Lindy Kleivo at Glancer Magazine's Black Hat Bash 2011 Reader's Choice Celebration and Below at Glancer Magazine's media boutique.