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Kristen is a mother, a dreamer; a planner, an obsessive scheduler and organizer; a lover of new adventures; is extremely loyal and feels nothing is impossible. 

She loves meeting new people from many walks of life, and hearing their very personal stories, the goals they aspire to accomplish, and truly feeling the heart and soul of who they are. 

“As a writer for Glancer Magazine, I get the chance to interview residents who have such inspiring stories to share.  I also enjoy highlighting local business owners and sharing with the community all of the best boutiques, restaurants, medical and dental facilities, as well as unique finds in new places to stay, entertainment to see, and adventures to explore.  As an added bonus, I am able to get personal with national and local celebrities who visit the western suburbs!”


Fun Facts

1. Kristen was born and raised in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

2. She was a member of the ISU Skydiving Club and has an active

    motorcycle license.

3. She has always been obsessed with planning and scheduling.


4. Kristen love thrills, adrenaline rushes, and showing her

    daughters everything life has to offer!


5. Kristen is the creator of Naperville’s Survivor Games and Co-Creator of

Indian Prairie School District’s Special Survivor Games


Kristen is pictured enjoying a relaxing day at her home in Naperville.